StrigiformGames at Wolves Summit 2017

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Wolves Summit V 28-29 March 2017

 is more than just another business conference. We have created it to enable the innovative community to grow and develop in the most valuable and time-efficient way. It is a place for Startups, Investors, Corporates and Executives, where innovation meets business and capital. We provide a precise matchmaking tool that helps our participants set up numerous 1:1 meetings with people who match their needs and requirements. So far, we have arranged 26501 of them, helping companies such as the Naga Group or Sceenic gain needed leverage and spread their impact globally.


We are proud to support the ecosystem, entrepreneurs and innovators of the future. That’s why Startups attend Wolves Summit for free. Each time we receive thousands of startup applications, which gives us an opportunity to select the best projects and ensure the highest-quality conference experience.


Who is it for?
→ startups at all development stages
→ investors and funds
→ executives and corporates
→ entrepreneurs from around the world

Why attend?
→ 350 startups will attend Wolves Summit FOR FREE
→ 2000 participants, 350 startups, 50 scaleups, 250 investors, 350 executives, 4000 1:1 meetings
→ join 1:1 meetings with startups, investors and executives
→ develop your business network
→ benefit from formal and informal networking activities
→ discuss about innovation and technology with a multinational community
→ find investment, new clients and business partners

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