Social inclusion starts in the class room

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This comic story illustrates the care and attention the migrant or refugee children get in European countries. A large number of refugees arrive in Europe in recent years. Social inclusion of refugees, especially social inclusion of the young refugees is now a priority in Europe. Now the schools in Europe give special attention to the young refugees. The comic story shows a refugee woman taking her son to the school for admission. When young children go to another country as refugees and start their education there they come across with a lot of problems. The children of refugees fall victims to racial discrimination and other types of discrimination in the school. This comic story indicates the change in the attitude of Europeans. They are moving in the direction of social inclusion of refugees to Europe. The way the teacher welcomes the young refugee and his mother makes one hopeful of their future in Europe. The teacher takes the initiative to take the boy to the class room and introduce him to the whole class. The young refugee will feel encouraged and his classmates will easily accept him as one among them.
Get rid of cultural racism
Teachers can greatly influence the minds of the pupils. When the teacher demonstrates equality among all students irrespective of their ethnicity or race, the children also change their narrow mindset. In the comic story the teacher inculcates the spirit of social inclusion of refugees in the minds of the students. As a result the pupils could easily come out of their narrow mindset. As a result of this kind of grooming of the children, the children identify cultural racism as an evil in the society. The teacher made inclusion of refugees in the school a smooth affair. The other students had no difficulty to include the young refugee in the game. They welcomed his participation.
Ensure inclusive education for refugees
The boy appeared tense and fearful when he accompanied his mother to the school and when his teacher led him to the class room. The teacher ensured proper inclusion of the boy in the class. This comic story carries the message that young refugees in Europe can be free of discrimination in the schools. When teachers show no bias to the pupils with refugee background the individual attitudes of people will change. As the first step towards social inclusion of refugees, the country must ensure inclusive education for refugees. The young refugees should get protection from bullying. All European countries should come forward to provide the best education to the refugee children.

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