The refugee mother’s dilemma

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This comic story is about a girl from Syria named Amena who is now a refugee in Europe. The girl is about 8 years old and stays with her mother, Rasha. The girl’s father Adnan is in another country. The couple has two kids and the other one is an infant. One day in the morning the girl tells her mother that she is not feeling well and that she has stomach pain. The mother became tensed since she didn’t know what to do. Immediately she contacts her husband over a skype call and he advises her to take the girl to the doctor. The woman hires a taxi and goes to hospital along with both kids.
Consideration which was not expected
At the hospital the woman tells the nurse-on-duty about her daughter’s sickness. Since she is not well versed in the language she explained through body movements. The nurse takes the girl to the doctor and the doctor examines the girl. Then she takes the woman also inside and pacified her. She tells the woman that the girl will be soon alright and that she is undergoing some tests. The nurse takes the small baby with her and asks the mother to be in the doctor’s room.
A great relief for the refugee mother
Then the doctor comes out of the testing room and tells her that her daughter will be fine soon. The doctor said that the girl must be in the hospital for a day and she can take her back home the next day. The doctor talks to her with the help of a translator. The woman gets relieved when she comes to know that her daughter will be alright within a day. She thanks the doctor and immediately conveys her husband that their daughter Amena will be fine soon.
No guarantee for health and safety
The background of this story is the plight of refugees from Syria who are now in Europe. The majority of people who were driven out of Syria took refuge in Europe. But, they started living in Europe with no guarantee for their health, safety and children’s education. These refugees struggle for their livelihood. Many children suffer due to various diseases and many of them die. Due to lack of income the parents find it very difficult to take care of their children’s health. Not less than 2.5 million child refugees from Syria suffer like this. These refugee children are more vulnerable to diseases. But, there are no proper healthcare facilities for these refugees. In the above story, just when the girl Amena said that she was not feeling well her mother became very much tensed. The refugee mothers know that it is very difficult for them to get proper treatment to their kids when they fall ill.
Ensure safety of refugee kids
As part of the initiative for Social inclusion of Refugees to Europe, the countries in Europe are now making arrangements to ensure best healthcare as well as education to the migrant children. In the story, the experience of the girl Amena and her mother in the hospital gives us some hope regarding the health and safety of the refugee children in Europe. The mother of Amena didn’t expect this much of attention and care in the hospital. When she was very much worried about her the daughter the kindness of the nurse as well doctor was great relief for her. The woman from Syria was convinced that her kids are safe in Europe.


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