Mobile Educational Games and Inclusion of Refugees to a New Country

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Games for skill development
By nature, children enjoy playing games. Hence games are among the most effective teaching techniques. While playing the games the children enjoy the fun and simultaneously develop various skills. The skills that they develop will be useful for them in their life. Teachers can also use these games in the classrooms for teaching the young children. The games help the kids to develop linguistic skills, arithmetic skills and various other skills. When children play various puzzle games they get the opportunity to practice logical thinking. When they study through the games they enjoy teaching as well as learning. Students develop skills very easily when they enjoy the process of learning. Mobile educational games provide the children ample opportunities to conduct trials, discover new things and make their learning related to surroundings.
Advantages of mobile educational games
Advantages of mobile educational games are many. Since the kids learn while playing they never feel that learning is monotonous. The games make the learning interesting as well as exciting. When children actively play the games they get motivated also. The games for language learning helps the kids to improve their vocabulary as well as pronunciation and also to follow specific patterns of language. Mobile learning games help the students to a great extent to improve listening, concentration, memory and reading skills. Mobile learning games enable the learners to practice what they could learn. This makes learning more effective and interesting. Mobile educational games are the most effective tools for children to develop communication skills. Normally, children find it difficult and strenuous to memorize their lessons. But, when they learn by playing the educational games they find it very easy to remember what they learnt.
Refugee children with no access to schools
As a result of conflicts, war and instability in various parts of the world, more than 60 million people left their own country and took refuge in other countries. For example, as a result of the civil war in Syria, about 5 million people fled from the country. They took refuge in either Lebanon or Jordan and Turkey or in Europe. As a result of their displacement the refugees became jobless and struggled to fulfill even their basic requirements. The young refugees were out of their schools and they could not continue their education. More pathetically, many refugee children lost their homes, parents and friends and could not continue their studies. Since they took refuge in another country they came across with language barrier also.
Education through mobile games
The refugee children could not get access to schools and the parents had no money to pay for their education. Being refugees the children underwent racial discrimination also. However, most of the refugee children had own Smartphones. The UN agencies started to insist for social inclusion of refugees to the new country. The most urgent requirement to ensure social inclusion of refugees was to provide healthcare to all the refugees and education to the refugee children. Since, the majority of refugee children had Smartphone, their social inclusion became very easy. The children received mobile educational games in their Smartphones. They found the games very interesting and through the games they are able to learn the new language and develop their communication skills. The children are able to develop various other skills also by playing the mobile educational games.

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